sobota, 12 lipca 2014

Where Bloggers Create 2014

Moi Drodzy, 
dzisiaj post dość nietypowy bo po angielsku.
Odwiedzając moje ulubione blogi znalazłam na jednym z nich 
niesamowity pomysł na zaprezentowanie swojej pracowni 
i postanowiłam dołączyć do wspólnej zabawy 
do czego zachęcam i Was:-)

I'm going to write in English 
since I decided to take part in this amazing idea on Karen's blog.
You must visit her blog 
and maybe share your working place with Karen and other bloggers.

My name is Anita and I would like to invite you to see my creative spaces.
I'm very much into sewing, scrapbooking, 
doing decoupage, and most recently I'm also learning how to crochet.
At my home I'm lucky enough to have 
three different rooms adapted to each of my hobby.

1. A pink study
I have adapted our library to be my scrapbooking office.
This is also a place where I study English:-)
(I hope it's good enough for you to understand)

have a look!

And here is some of my scrapbooking equipment

I love creating wedding books, invitations and greeting cards:-)

2. Lavender room
 This is my decoupage studio.

3. A sewing studio
 This grey room is my sewing studio 
where I create beautiful things according to Tilda's projects.

And in these chests of drawers I keep all the fabrics and other stuff needed for my hobby.

And here are some of the ribbons and threads I use in my projects.

When I'm tired, I like to have a rest in this comfortable armchair.

One of the bags that I've made.

A bunch of lovely teddy bears I made some time ago.

And a bed cover I sew last summer.

And here is my crotchet set.
I've just started to learn how to crochet 
but I have a very ambitious plan 
to make a beautiful, clorful bed spread so I have to practise a lot:-)

4. A white office
I have another room 
where I spend time creating my blog:-)

Thanks for letting me take part in this extraordinary event.
I hope you enjoyed this tour of my working spaces.
Thanks for visiting my blog,

13 komentarzy:

  1. Hi Anita, what beautiful places you have to create in! I love them both! kat =^.^=

  2. Beautiful and you are so lucky to have so many spaces! I love how they all have a different "feel". Thanks for showing me!

  3. Each space is more beautiful than the next! I enjoyed stopping by today.

  4. FANTASTIC! So light and fresh... filled with lots and lots of yumminess...


  5. What lovely spaces you have to create all those pretty things. The pink room is my favorite.

  6. You have a very nice creative space with lots of great storage. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your English is perfect! I love all your spaces and want one of those teddy bears, they are so cute!

  8. What a great space, Anita! I especially love your sewing area. So pretty and I love seeing everything you have out on display. Love all your punches, too. I would like to get more, but I need to make up something that will be able to hold them since my space is so small.

  9. great storage . . . fun containers for supplies . . . great organization . . . love it!

  10. Anita what a lucky girl you are!! To have so many beautiful places to create in is such a wonderful thing! I especially loved the table and chairs in your decoupage studio! Thank you so much for joining the party!!!!

  11. Beautiful spaces! I like your punch storage - they are nicely organized. I also have 2 hobbies, so it was nice to see your spaces.

  12. Your creative space is so beautiful! I love the touches of pink. Great organization too! Thank you for letting me visit!

  13. Greetings from Canada!!
    Wow you have not only one but three spaces to create in, you're lucky gal!!!!
    All look so neat and tidy and its nice to have each space separated for each projects, sure makes things so much easier to keep uncluttered.
    Very nice tour and your English is really good : )


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